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What if you could have relationships that expand your life & living? Relationships that are fun? Phenomenal sex? Have you decided that is an im...View Details

Depressive, alcoholic, bipolar: what if those labels have no validity? What if they are just a way to keep you or a loved one boxed in? We are all f...View Details

Pregnancy and delivery can be an incredible opportunity to cultivate a space of intimacy and communion with your body, your baby, and your life! Wha...View Details

Return of the Gentleman

What would the world be like if we didn't judge men? If men didn't judge themselves? And if men had a space of honoring, gratitude, allowance, vulne...View Details

Do you know you have a body? Are you in communion with it - or in resistance to it? What if your body could be a partner in creation? What would i...View Details

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