Archive for April 2019

Do you love the tools of Access Consciousness? Have they changed your life? Have you tossed out everything you did, were, used, created with before yo...View Details

Centuries ago we were willing to receive a lot of support from the Earth. The Earth was a vital part of our survival back then. It was a inseparable p...View Details

Bodies and Money

Money is for your body. So wouldn't it make sense that your body knows a thing or two about creating it? Are you playing the game of money with your b...View Details

The Difference Bodies Be

What if everything you decided was wrong about your body is actually brilliant? What capacities does your body have that you have never seen in the wo...View Details

Distracted Much?

Squirrel! Sometimes distraction is creative, sometimes it’s destructive. Do you know when to follow it and when to not?

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