What do you know about relationships? What have you learned about them?

Do you create relationships the way your parents did? Or the way you have seen them in the world? Or are you doing your best to avoid everything your parents did, thinking that the opposite of what they had is what will create the relationship that makes you happy?

What if there is another way? What if relationships could be a moment to moment creation of honoring, joy, possibility, and something that makes your life greater, your partner's life greater, and the world greater as well? What if you could have a relationship where you can create ten times more with your partner than you would alone? And what if it doesn't have to look anything like any other relationship you have ever seen?

Join Heather Nichols and Kalpana Raghuraman in a conversation where they will explore definitely different relationship possibilities, and share the unique and generative ways that they both create relationships.

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